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DT ch50 Birth of the Demon Eater by BasileusIoannis DT ch50 Birth of the Demon Eater by BasileusIoannis
for use in Drowtales discussion forum. this is my tongue-in-cheek take on how Laele (the one in grey above), Quain'tana's daughter, became the way she is, a soul-less, extremely high function vegetable (her eyes are white, she doesn't talk, but she's like a top-notch drow ninja assassin!). in the story, Laele had become 'tainted' (infected with a demon seed, an incurable situation that causes their irises to turn red) years ago. Sil'lice Val'Sharen the 'ice queen' (the one in blue above) attempted to separate the 'taint' from her 'aura' (like a soul, but more closely tied to life forces than a human soul) and promptly ripped out nearly all of her aura in the process (that goofball) :zombie: needless to say, Quain'tana (the one in red above) was not happy with the turn of events

when the Val'Sharen clan had a falling out, Sil'lice came to live in Quain's basement for...going on 32 years now? :confused: boy, talk about not knowing when to go home...anyway, in the most recent chapter of Drowtales: Moonless Age, Sil'lice went berserker, killing anyone she and her minions could find in a school. she got herself 'tainted' in the process (ha serves her right) with a unique type of 'friend' demon that breaks the fourth wall (and may represent Drowtales forum members who comment on Kern's work, as she now hears voices...many voices...) :blahblah:

Laele, who is supposed to be a vegetable, got loose from her room and found Snadhya's pet demoness Khaless trespassing in the Sarghress fortress and ATE HER. That's right, in her soulless state, Laele has gained the ability to eat demons. Well, apparently over the years, the girl had nommed quite a few demons, and that last one was giving her serious indigestion when some fools came along and killed her. Lo and behold, all them demons she had eaten got combined into one mega-demon, and now it's loose in the Sargh compound (good job, fools) :stare:

oh, and her mother Quain went berserk herself in a fit of paranoia, blaming Suu'be (you might remember her from the chicken coop cartoon) of being a traitor and broke her neck with her bare hands before dying...or maybe dying...that's still up in the air :dead:

btw chocolate acts like a narcotic on drow, hence Quain's admonishment. the numbers on the Sarghress fortress tower are not canon, and represent the in-story year this scene was supposed to have happened. the small critter in panel 2 is a Tiktikki, like a cross between an armadillo and a lizard (they're all over the place, and make a fine meal when they're not kept as a pet)

all characters and story are copyright Drowtales Studios Inc.; mouse drawn using MS Paint for expedience (I tried using the Oil Brush brush for the hair and some clothes, I kinda like how it turned out) :)
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January 11
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