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05032016 - BBRB chapter 43 is up...gaaah, I can't believe it took me a month! One thing I have to say: I've never really played a Mage before, so there was a hella lot of research on spells, including range, damage done, how many per day, that sort of thing. You know, Myrddin's a swell guy and all, but I don't think I'm gonna go through that again :faint:

Also, hard to keep in mind how fast the giants would be advancing...they have a normal move of 40 feet per round, at a hustle they move 80 feet, and at a full run they can do 160 feet per round. They start out the chapter at a walk, then they hustle to Croyden Wood, then break out in a run after the spells start flying. btw they're all Warrior class, I decided they didn't bring any offensive spellcasters WHICH IS A GOOD THING FOR THIS WRITER I TELL YOU :stare: 

Not to give too much away, but...unlike humans and giants that don't grow in size as they advance in levels, some monsters gain hit dice, and grow larger the more HD they have. Yeah. So I had to calculate that based on known facts, like how tall they are at default, at what level they go from one size category to another, then extrapolate how tall they'd be at a given hit dice. btw, Slikkepind and Blaesende are not the comic duo you thought they were. I TOLDJOO, BUT NOOO, NOBODY LISTENS TO TIM THE ENCHANTER! :D

Finally, some serious dragon combat...I had to include the POV of folks on the ground when a dragon fight breaks out up above. I was influenced by the "AH-60 DAP" video on YouTube, where some Rangers are illuminating a target with a laser range finder, and the DAPs fly right over them blasting the indicated target with miniguns, 30mm, and rockets. The Ranger cameraman gets smacked in the face by falling hot brass (probably 7.62mm, or he wouldn't be laughing about it later). I figure, dragons tangling it up right above you, them scales gotta go somewhere, right? ;)

Also, my apologies to English folks if I totally bolloxed up the Cockney accent of some participants...I tried doing research to make it as authentic sounding as I could, I hope you get a kick out of it regardless! As always, thank you all for reading my story! :worship:

John "Basileus Ioannis"
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Submitted on
May 3, 2016