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06252016 - BBRB chapter 45 is up, in three parts. I really tried to get this done earlier than the last few. Sorry that they're pretty long. Somehow it always ends up being some ungodly hour of the night when I get them up, so I forget to mention things in this journal at first. Like right now :confused: Will add more later

As always, thank you for reading my story, I hope you like it :worship:

John "Basileus Ioannis"

06262016 edit - this chapter was a bit more of a pain than usual, as I ended up writing it out of sequence. the fight between the Eladrin and the frost giants came first, which required some research on Ghaele spells. Slikkepind and Gudrum were pretty evenly matched strength- and hit point-wise, but she had a bit of an edge on hit dice and therefore feats. like what I had to do to "grow" the Eladrin, I had to extrapolate Grimmur Icefang the winter wolf. at full hit dice, he was gonna be too big to be Gudrum's steed, so it was a bit less than max HD. now his breath weapon...I looked at another creature with a breath weapon, dragons, and realized breath weapons scale with HD. extrapolating that, it seemed that while Gudrum's Frost Brand 1d6 cold damage wasn't that useful against the Eladrin's resistance to cold 10, Grimmur's 15 HD breath weapon was gonna do 10d6, halved by dodging = 5d6, for an average of 17.5 HP of damage, less 10 resisted leaves 7.5 HP of penetrating damage. I might have overplayed how much it hurt, but it wasn't crippling at all

oh, while I'm at it, apparently I overstated Grimmur's length, I'll have to change that to 26 feet (by my extrapolations, 32 feet was for a max 18 HD winter wolf). so not quite barn-sized, more like a double-decker bus ;p and probably less than 10 tons, but not by much, so I'm leaving that. no effect on the story itself, though

some might question why a CG Eladrin would kill a helpless opponent. first of all, the opponent was given two opportunities to surrender, but wouldn't. second, he gave every indication of not willing to go peacefully, even when his wolf's life was on the line. speaking of said wolf, don't feel too sorry for him, he knew what he was doing too, he was not an innocent animal

and the writing-out-of-sequence...the crystal "call" with Mundhelm, King Aldred, and Queen Ellsweth was rewritten at least three times. originally it was just Mundhelm, Gemma and Haergrim who get the call, and I had the Eladrin call in with the news. then the king and queen joined them. but if the Eladrin talked with Mundhelm, then they'd know what happened to the Vatishehir too early. so Myrddin called them instead, leaving the revelation for later (they were busy)

the inspiration for Saragudra Jarlsdottir was Midna, though not that small (she's about 9 feet/2.75 m tall). as Morgrippa attested to, her dad might have been Gudrum, but her mom is a that she got her height from, and one that is a good strategist. until Saradrachim is introduced, you can look it up in the Monster Manual to guess which demon (hint: six arms) ;)

and yet again, we catch a glimpse of what Chawinda's family was like. I've deliberately avoided getting into the Drow and the Underworld, because that's well-trod ground by many writers far more skilled than me. I might expound on her family life more as time goes on, but we probably won't be going spelunking in-story any time soon...or maybe we will...stay tuned ;p

the funeral scene also demanded some thought, for racial peculiarities. I mean, what would High Elves do with their dead? certainly not bury them intact, too much danger of necromancers. so what would they do with cremains? probably spread them in natural areas, unmarked (families would know which glade is important to them). see, they're more focused on the spirit, the memories of their lives, and not the "crude matter" of the flesh :yoda: 

finally, I wracked my brain trying to figure out how they were going to get a multi-million-ton earth-and-stone battleship moving out to sea, to get out from the dampening field so they can fly again. the paddle wheels was the only thing I could think of, as sails would have been ridiculous. having to use materials on board the Skibbyen, I thought stone wheels and paddles. but I thought, hey, the elves work in wood a lot, and have tons of spellcasters on board, so wooden paddles. ultimately, I realized, why do they need the wheels themselves? if you're gonna turn them using magic, why not just turn the paddles? as it is, the broad side of Vatishehir will be over 15000 feet/4630 m long. with 20 feet/6.1 m of freeboard, the paddle wheels should be about 100 feet/30.5 m in diameter, spaced 50 feet/15.25 m apart rim to rim, so each flank would hold a hundred paddle wheels. the magician's estimate of 12 kph/7.5 mph/6.5 knots may be a bit optimistic, but they only need to go 20 km/12.5 miles, so we'll see how that turns out (npi, because they have to turn due east)

06272016 edit - whoa...I wonder why parts 1 and 2 only got 9 reads, but part 3 got 20? :confused: I wonder if it's the mature filter on the first two. it's only a moderate filter, you can just plug in a birthdate to bypass it. or is it because of the writing on part 3, with all the protagonists together, and no combat? I suppose fighting can be a turn-off for some critique giver even wanted to see more rrromance :heart: (Gemma offers to write some :wave: but Pana reminds her she's busy with protagonist things :shakefist: )

07032016 edit - don't worry, I'm working on chapter 46 already OMG MOAR POEMS! and it looks like the three parts have evened out at over fifty reads, thanks a lot readers! :worship: (although why part 3 was that far ahead of 1 and 2 is still a mystery :sherlock: ) in any event, now that Pana and Gemma's teams are together, we will not be toggling back and forth as much, unless they get separated again. alrighty, back to the mill...btw, to all American deviants, have a Happy Independence Day! :flagus:

07042016 edit - sorry, there's an unexpected delay on chapter 46. after several pages, I didn't like how it was going, how the protagonists had very little camera time or dialogue. so I am redoing it...these things happen, I apologize for the delay.
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