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10162016 - three and a half months late, BBRB chapter 46 is up. so sorry, I've been blitzed as of late. so much storyline in my head, but so hard to put it to keyboard. *deleted rant*

edit: wow I guess fatigue put me in a hella funk last night. sheesh. let's focus on the latest chapter. part of what made it difficult for me to write this chapter was my forcing the Vatishehir down within the anti-planar-travel dampening field, it was gonna be a time-consuming pain in the ass to get a million-plus-ton floating city far enough out to sea to get flying again. at least the Vindbrugers and their magic powerplant weren't hurt

speaking of which, since Quzayshehir was going to have this special weapon that can disable said powerplant, I had to think what the effects would be. see, Gyneyshehir is one of two High Porte ship-cities that don't have Vindbrugers, so they can't fly. you might recall that I said they have five of these Skibbyen: one each in the west (Vatishehir), north (Quzayshehir), south (Gyneyshehir), and east (Doushehir), and the capital (Alfler'Vashqenti) in the middle. these were built well after the Disaster of the Gates, as it took the High Elves about a hundred years to clear all the demons out of the realms. this was the impetus that transitioned the High Elves from an arboreal-dwelling race to an urbanized one, as the majority of the High Porte elven population now lives in these five population centers

also as described in-story, the capital has grown well beyond its city walls, making it difficult to fly without wrecking a lot of stuff, probably causing casualties. the Vindbruger academy is there, where newly minted "ghosts" train for their job, and as they graduate, they are fed to the two flyable Skibbyen, Vatishehir and Quzayshehir. the other two, Gyneyshehir and Doushehir, have the infrastructure, the powerplant, but don't have Vindbrugers assigned to allow them to fly. it is assumed that in the case of an emergency, the academy staff and students can make one or two of them fly, but probably not all three at the same time

where was I? oh yes, Gyneyshehir. heh, even my journal suffers from my scatterbrain. anyway, so the city can't fly because of the lack of Vindbrugers, but the powerplant is there, and I assume the link to the Elemental Plane of Air. well, Viturhimin knows enough of how these plants work that hitting it with his special weapon would cause massive interplanal disruption, which happened

I had been deliberately vague about how the Vindbruger powerplants allow the Skibbyen and their component ships to fly. the "chimney" I describe is not an actual vent, but a direct access to the powerplant to allow the air manipulation to take place, and presumably there are other such ports arranged around the ship-cities, but this one on the top center is the most accessible from directly above. see, normally this isn't a problem, because the plant is not susceptible to damage from debris (no moving parts) or fire/electricity/cold (it's a different element altogether). I suppose someone could cork it up with a large enough obstruction, but there are many such ports, plugging one up isn't going to disable a flying city several kilometers across. but hit the plant and its planar link, or shove the whole works into an anti-planar-travel field, and it becomes dead weight

so, if any readers think Viturhimin isn't who he should be, that he's an imposter, should be convinced that no, the Serrasqer is the real deal, and he knows his Skibbyen intimately. if then, what da hell is he doing? and why is he in cahoots with their traditional enemies, even if he was always soft on them? the pieces will start falling into place over the next chapter(s), so please stay tuned (I promise to work harder to get them out in a more timely manner!) :pray: and as always, thank you very much for reading my story! :worship:

John "Basileus Ioannis"
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