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01012017 - wishing all of you peace, good health and good fortunes in the new year and many more to come! :squee:


edit: chapter 47 is finally up, some months became a 4-parter. I tried so hard to get this out before the end of the year, but I just couldn't. so let me give you a teaser...

part 1 starts with Mundhelm finally being able to contact the High Elfin capital, and we get a view of the biggest ship-city. Viturhimin plans his next move as he gives the Drow army a chilling instruction. we meet the Drow commander, who isn't too happy about the orders. the part ends with a vignette on what's happening to the High Elf survivors of the Drow invasion

part 2 starts with a conversation between Mundhelm and the grand vizier Slesk (remember him?). next we drop in on Pana's parents, worrying about their daughters. the High Elves send a recon patrol over the conquered city, and we meet a High Elf Sherif in a small town who spots Viturhimin's ship-city flying, which helps the High Elves figure out where he is headed

part 3 starts with an undesirable outcome of Mundhelm's plan. Pana and friends go down to talk with Seven, Slikkepind and Blaesende down in Mundhelm's conference room. while there, new plans are drawn up, and Pana has a surprise for everyone

part 4 starts with the new plans being put in motion. in the process, our heroes find out things ain't right with Viturhimin's ship. the end of the chapter has a combination of a reveal about the High Elves and the Drow, and somebody goes missing!

I hope you find this chapter enjoyable (and worth the wait). in the end, it was hard to stop writing, as I've already got in mind what's gonna happen next. but hey, it's 5:50am on New Years Day, and your friendly neighborhood Bas has to get some sleep. thanks for reading my story (and this journal), I hope you like it. I wish all of you a happy and prosperous New Year! :wave:

John "Basileus Ioannis"
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Happy New Year! Blower fella (Party) Cheers fella white-wine (party)
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Happy New Year to you too, my friend! :party: :wave:
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