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12232016 - well, it is the season of giving...and two friends tagged me! :faint: so let me answer here:

first one, by :iconaliana-chan:...usual rules: answer the questions, tag more people afterwards (I'm gonna hold off on that until I have more time), tag-backs are allowed (really?), have fun doing it (always :D ), and create a neat title. so here goes...

 Queskin time!!!!! :D (Big Grin)

(Queskin? :confused: )

Colorful questions: >:3

1. What are the color of your eyes? :stinkeye: 
Bas: medium brown, like chestnut ^^ 
2. If you could have any color of eyes, other than the color you currently have, what color would you want them to be?
Bas: ooo...I like all kindsa colors, I'd like to try them, green, hazel, black, even red (like a Drow)
3. Would you ever want to permanently have your hair dyed a certain color?
Bas: that would be neat (I get tired of black), but something unnatural, like fire engine red, neon blue, emerald green...
4. What's your favorite color? Lily's Rainbow Box 
Bas: it used to be emerald green, but lately metallic brownish-greys like pewter look nice
5. What's your least favorite color?
Bas: I'm not too keen on Pepto Bismol pink, as it clashes with almost everything I own
6. Have you ever had a pet goldfish before?
Bas: yep, several when I was a little kid
7. Do you like food coloring?
Bas: sure, as long as it doesn't discolor your this one cupcake I once had with green frosting :stare:
8. Have you ever seen a double rainbow in person before?
Bas: yes, it was awesome! ^^
9. Are you wondering why all of the questions so far are about color?
Bas: hmmm? now that you mention it...
10. Are you actually colorblind?? O_O
Bas: nope, I'm pretty good on telling shades and hues (I used to paint miniatures, you see...)

Food questions: Hamburger Bounce

1. What's your favorite type of CHOCOLATE ?
Bas: ooo, I like Milka too...and I like all kinds...milk, dark, even white!
2. What do you like to drink the most? 
Bas: green tea, hot now that it's cold out, iced in the summer...but coffee in the morning (me coffee zombie)
3. What do you tend to eat on thanksgiving?
Bas: lots...I eat lots...parking lots, grassy lots, muddy lots...j/k, I prefer turkey and stuffing ;)
4. What is the sugariest thing you can remember eating?
Bas: Japanese traditional candy called Kompeito, it's literally flavored sugar in little star-shaped lumps
5. What food do you hate with a burning passion? (Or, you know, just, don't really care to eat?)
Bas: Thai sour soup...the taste and flavor stuck to my tongue for hours...later I heard they use ants XP
6. What was the weirdest thing you've ever ate before?
Bas: no no no, no ants! XP weirdest thing would have to be tripe in Puerto Rican looks and tastes funny
7. Now ladies and gentlemen, The most commonly asked 'tag' question of all time, i give you, what is your favorite food!!??
Bas: ooo, toughie...I have to say teppan-yaki with marbled Wagyu beef...sooo good... ^^ 

Fun stuff! I am a dummy! 

1. What are your top three favorite video games of all time?
Bas: Civilization III, Neverwinter Nights 2, Steel Panthers MBT for Windows 
2. Would you consider yourself a fun person?
Bas: nah...too many of my interests are solo, lately on the computer in my Operations Center
3. What are your thoughts on DragonQuest/Warrior?
Bas: DoraKue 1 rocked a$$...the music was addictive, both the opening theme and the wandering around theme
4. Do you have any new art projects that you're currently working on?
Bas: all the just takes long periods of solitude with no stress, and that's hard to come by :cry:
5. What is, (in your opinion) the silliest emoticon on DA?
Bas: :icontuzkiflailplz:
6. What are some of your favorite TV shows?
Bas: ImagineNation on NHK World, The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC, and anything on Toonami on CN
7. Have you ever been in, or to, a musical before?
Bas: to a musical, yes...last one was the Barbershop Quartet featuring all sorts of old scenes
8. What do you think of, when i say the word, "MASK"?
Bas: yeah, it used to be Jim Carrey's The Mask, but lately it's been JoJo's Bizarre Adventures
9. Have you ever played a game called, 'Stealing the diamond?'
Bas: can't say that I it a jewel heist, or baseball? :D
10. What do you have fun doing?
Bas: reading books and webcomics, writing stories, seeing movies with friends, my hobbies
11. If you could turn into any mythical and fantastical creature EVER for about a day or two, what would you turn into?
Bas: I'd turn into Nyan Cat and pester my friends...for hours...nyahaha! :3
12. Have you ever thought about the consequences of what it'd be like if the world had real life pokemon to catch and collect?
Bas: I would probably have to find Ash Ketchum and fight him :stare: j/k, I'd be all over my Psyduck! ^^

Personal stuff O_O 

1. Do you get offended by other people being offended?
Bas: it depends...if my friends, probably...but my default reaction is, never be too easily offended
2. Are you feeling uncomfortable that i'm now asking personal questions, that i most likely do not deserve true answers to? XD
Bas: of course not ^^
3. If some random person came up to you and told you that you're living life wrong, and that you had to change your lifestyle right then and there, how would you feel about that, and what do you think you would do in that situation?
Bas: "Ah, thank you for your guidance, have a nice day" (voice trails off as I walk away..."what a kook...")
4. Will you please describe to me what the shirt you are wearing as you are typing this questionaire looks like?
Bas: why do you think I am wearing a shirt now? perhaps I ripped it off in glee at your question! :happybounce:
5. sexdrugspoliticsombamacaretriggergunsapplepiemercabadstuffpunsidkallthethingsthatmakeyouoffendedinonesentance? (oh boy....)
Bas: you misspelled obamacare ;p
6. Do you realize that the "sentence" above is supposed to be a joke? :P (Lick)
7. Do you celebrate Christmas?
Bas: yes, but I try to keep it secular (I once gave a Muslim friend a gift for New Years...he gave me a nice shirt! ^^ )
8. Are you personally offended by puns?
Bas: only if there's no butter, I like my puns with butter ;p
9. Can you even lift bruh???
Bas: I'll bench you, you just watch (pretends to go fetch his gloves as he wanders off)
10. What country do you live in?
Bas: California...yes, we seceded, din'cha know? j/k ;)
11. What drawing are you the most proud of to this day?
Bas: I drew a neat cartoon of Ariel transformed into a tiktikki stuck in a toilet (check my front page, a ha ha!) XD
12. Have you ever been commissioned before?
Bas: I became Captain of my Law Enforcement Explorer post, does that count? ^^
13. Do you ever personally as a person personify things and make them persons? :P (Lick)
Bas: I talk to crows...when they caw at me, I say "Yeah, that's what I said...but they wouldn't listen to me neither" :nod:
14. What are your opinions on opinions?
Bas: like bellybuttons...some people have one that sticks way da hel out there, mine is an inney
15. What are the color of your eyebullseye? XD (Eyeballs.....)
Bas: lol white...Aliana-chan, you cray-cray! :D
16. What age were you the most happy at?
Bas: 16-18, when I met my best friend in high school...we'd play RPGs and Risk all weekend long! ^^
17. What is one of your fondest childhood memories?
Bas: my summer vacations in high school, coming here to California with my parents
18. Do you think you will be successful in life?
Bas: I am the most successful at being Basileus Ioannis, and I'll fight any pretender who thinks otherwise! j/k! ;p
19. On a scale of 1-10, (1 being the lowest, 10 being the highest) how competitive do you think you are?
Bas: 5, unless I'm driving, where it rises to 10 if the SOB just cut me off then slowed down :stare:
20. What do you think differs, between the tag that i just made, to some of the other tags you have seen?
Bas: it's much, much longer than any tag I've had to do before! :faint:
21. Maybe you've never been tagged before???? O_O
Bas: reading comprehension is a lost art...AH JUS' SAID...j/k j/k! :D it has been a while, years now ^^;

Thanks for the tag, :iconaliana-chan:! :wave: I understand these were your friend's questions, but it was fun! Yeah, let me hold off on tagging others for now...

Okay, second tag by :iconladyalluvia::

1. You have to post ALL the Rules. (done! :nod: )
2. You CAN'T say you don't do tags. (well you CAN, I choose not to ^^; )
3. You have to legitimately tag 13 people. (ah, no I don't, sorry :no: )
4. You can do tag Backs (oh, I see how it works...if you do all new questions, yeah? :idea: )
5. Be Creative with the title no I GOT TAGGED things. (I can still edit my title to "I GOT TAGGED", you know :stinkeye:)
6. You Will have to make a journal entry. Don't do it in the comments unless you are talking about the Q and A. (done! :nod: )
7. 13+ people will have to answer the question you ask them (see # 3. above :no: )
8. Make at least 13 or more questions. (I'm starting to sense a fixation with the number 13 :confused: )
9. If you don't finish in the timeline of a week you will have to do something that they say like draw them art.  (Just ignore this rule... I don't want to force anyone to do anything). (*pffft* AHAHAHAHAHAHA! :rofl: who comes up with these rules?)
10. most important of all.. Have Fun! =3 (of course! :D )

Questions by :iconladyalluvia:
1. One thing you hate and can't change?
Bas: the way life has become infinitely frustrating and complicated since childhood :faint:
2. If you lost time to do all your hobbies, which hobby would you give up first? 
Bas: plastic model building, since I've pretty much run out of time to do it anyway :shrug:
3. Prepared presents for your loved ones for this holidays?
Bas: yes, a few :santa: :rudolph:
4. Last time you donated for charity?
Bas: took part in the Toys For Tots campaign a week ago :cuddle: 

5. Do you believe in astrology?
Bas: not as much as my mom, who swears by her horoscope book :reading:
6. Favorite hobby?
Bas: writing :typerhappy:
7. If you could chose any job on world, what would be your job?
Bas: emperor :mwahaha: 

8. Why did you watch me?
Bas: because we both write, and you're an interesting person :thumbsup:;)
9. If you could talk with your pet, what would be the first question you ask it?
Bas: "You hungry?" :chew:
10. Are you a pessimist or an optimist?
Bas: both, as in "I'll never afford that car...but hey, I got this lottery ticket" :crazy:
11. Favorite disney movie?
Bas: Rogue One? :diny:
12. Favorite video game?
Bas: Civilization III :earth:
13. Black or white color?
Bas: black...although both are hard to keep clean, people won't notice if you pee your black pants ;p

Okay, no tags for me right now, sorry...if I have time, I'll come up with some questions and victims :plotting:
Thanks for the tag, :iconladyalluvia:! :wave:


John "Basileus Ioannis"
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Aliana-chan Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2016
Haha, thank you very much for answering these questions (they are not mine, they all belong to a friend of mine, she created this and I thought it would be nice to spread the word xD she is really young though x3). Haha, the ants one, the cupcake one and would annoy me as a Nyan Cat, waaah. D: For not answering you for weeks. D: I would deserve that. D:
BTW, hope you see I have written a note to you. o.o *blinks with cute huge eyes o.o*
BasileusIoannis Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2016
aw, Aliana-chan, I'm sorry I didn't respond to your note! ^^; thanks for +Faving my tag journal! :happybounce: I wish you Happy Holidays! :rudolph:
Aliana-chan Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2016
*lurks and blinks with large cute eyes o.o*
BasileusIoannis Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2017
Awww, there's a cute Aliana-chan lurking!High-five! 
Aliana-chan Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2016
You are welcome. :heart:
Do not worry, I just really love swapping notes/ideas with you and reading your opinion about things I have created. o.o Happy Holidays to You too. :heart: :hug:
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