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11072016 - sorry, BBRB chapter 47 is still being written...not editing, written. and something I noticed is that almost every scene change involves at least one new named character. it's driving me nuts...I can roughly estimate at least eight now, with as many unnamed extras, and one named bird. unlike the High Elf sergeant who barely survived a handful of paragraphs at the end of the last chapter, these might prove to be long-term characters. it's gonna be like having teeth pulled to keep all their threads straight...why do I do this to myself? just run with what you've already got in play, Bas...Y U add nu OCs? :shrug: 

it was then that Bas realized that he was a masochist. no, no cutting, no sitting under waterfalls in your skivvies, just mental. see what I mean? that mental image of Bas in tidy whities is gonna give him nightmares :stare: but I digress...

so, in compensation for the delay (read: bribe), a, trailer, of what's going on. as of right now, Quzayshehir hasn't reached Doushehir yet, but Vatishehir is now airborne, and in contact with Alfler'vashqenti (the capital). folks are having difficulty figuring out where Viturhimin is and where he's headed. if they could only figure that out, the Vatishehir could go there instead of the capital, but because of the delay in taking off, I doubt they could head them off...

some things that came as an "aha" moment: the Vatishehir and Quzayshehir have identical Vindbruger plants for flying, but the former probably weighs half of the latter thanks to having shed the outer districts while crash-landing off Albi Aula. that means, it should be able to fly faster than the rogue Skibbyen. but have the Vindbrugers ever tried flying just the center district? :confused:

oh, and High Elves don't all live in the five ship-cities. There are still smaller population centers, and I figure they'd be more traditional than these new-fangled cities made of stone. also, smaller towns would probably be run by a Sherif, sort of a combined mayor and provost marshal, although a town might have both a Sherif and a mayor, with separation of duties

one last thing: names. half my "research" ends up being names...I'm sticking to modified Ottoman Turk titles for the High Elves, as well as the names of the Skibbyen, but High Elf given names (and some spoken words) are modified from Danish, Norwegian, or Icelandic (Icelandic was also borrowed for the Frost Giants of Albi Aula). for the Drow I've decided to use modified Hindi (title/name formats are easy enough to follow). but remember Chawinda and Sialkot? those are Pakistani towns in the Punjab region where battles were fought, so I took a look at Urdu and Punjabi. but these proved a challenge, so the Drow will have more or less modified Hindi names and words for my sanity, sorry :pray: and please don't take offense at borrowing words for my various fantasy races, I promise not to abuse them (overmuch). I've already deviated quite a bit from the D&D definition of High Elves and Drow, and when their story is told, you might find some surprising things about my Dark Elves (you've already seen a bit of the "darker" side of High Elves)

okay, that's all I'm gonna leak right now...back to the writing... :typerhappy:

John "Basileus Ioannis"
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Submitted on
November 7, 2016